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That's where I come in. My name is Rafael Moret, I've been in the
fitness industry for...hmm 15 years now and I have to say...I LOVE

But I have to say the last few months I have let myself go...ALOT!

See if this sounds familiar?

Here's the story...

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Boot Camp Instructor
here in South Florida... men, women, and athletes throughout
Florida come to me when they need to rapidly shed some
unwanted body fat, drop some weight, gain some muscle or  
improve their strength, performance, and endurance.

I own South Florida Fitness Boot Camps and ...  
We have been featured on Univision, Telemundo, and NBC. My
bootcamps  were recently
awarded "Best In Miami".

I have been highly sought-after personal trainer for a while... I
help regular, ordinary men and women achieve their fitness goals.

And I always deliver results... GUARANTEED!!

Since I've always been a pretty active and competitive guy...I
never really worried about my fitness needs. A nice day for me
means playing basketball, a tough circuit at the gym, and whatever
else is active

I have always been an athlete so I never even gave it a second

The Only downside to that is that while I always knew the fastest
way to burn fat or if I needed to get in shape for something I knew
I could do it quick...I have taken advantage of that information.
When life got in the way I let my self go, not just with my eating
habits, but with my fitness as well.

A few weeks ago I saw some pictures..AND

Honestly... I got the heaviest I'd been in my life.

But since I was quite content building a huge following with my
boot camps... creating New fitness programs... I wasn't real
motivated to lose this extra weight.

And it took a really embarrassing moment to change

The Embarrassing Day That Sparked The Fire!

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

My 7 year old and I were playing at the park and we were running
around, nothing crazy and after a while I decided to sit and rest..

Not because I was tired just because I wanted a break,

And what she told me absolutely floored me.

She said "Daddy if you're tired maybe you should join bootcamp"
and I said "Baby girl I teach bootcamp." Her response was "So why
did you gain so much weight?"

I thought "REALLY"...nahhhh

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was being lectured for
being overweight... by a 7 year old..well I guess I tought here well.

The weird thing is... I didn't do anything serious. I went to the
gym a few times..but No Real commitment.

And then The Pictures...Oh Pictures don't lie. I started seeing the
weight..PILE ON!

But Still No Action Taken

My little one put me in my place, the pictures proved it and I still
wasn't budging.

So I was Thinking...When Was it That I was in the BEST Physical
Condition of my life? When did I Feel The BEST? and more
important How did I do it?

And I'm glad I did, because it really lit a fire under me.

I realized it had been a long time since I looked and Felt my Best..I
was getting by on the idea I could always just get back in shape..

I realized last time I was in Great Shape..I was competing..

But I don't want to compete again          

I just knew I had to get back into shape. I wanted to get back in
GREAT shape, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it... just
like that..

But It's Less Than 4 Months Till The NEW YEAR

Now is the time of year when my clients want the MOST help.


It's Close to New Years time, It's A New Decade 2011 will be here...
What better Way to Kick Off Everything with some healthy

What Kind of Competition? A 90 Day Body Transformation One.

But for who? For Me? or, For you?

For both of US!!!

It's You vs. Me

and We are taking No prisoners...

For 90 days I will be competing against all of you to see who can
make the biggest transformation in 90 days...

Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, Fat Shredding...What ever your goal
is..This Contest is for you.

What are the prizes: $577 in Cash and this is open to anyone with
internet access, but if you live in the South Florida area the you
get the cash and 1 year of Free Bootcamp....IF YOU WIN

What do I get? Well First I get back in shape...but beyond that I
can help more people start the year off in the BEST Shape ever!
End OF 2k10 You vs. Me
Body Transformation
Contest Start September 30th and Last Day to Join in Oct
Contest Ends Dec 15th

You have 90 Days From When You Enroll

I will Be Posting My Oficial Video On Friday Sep 15th

So Be On The Look For It
You vs. Me Body Transformation Challenge is a 12-week fitness contest based on what ever
fitness and weight management methods you want to use. The Participants have to record
their progress with before and after photos the they will post on a weekly or bi weekly basis on
our BLOG: They are also asked to record their food
intake a supplement use during the  transformation.***NO DRUGS!

I will do The Same..I will post pictures, video and food journaling on the Blog for everyone to

Is There A Fee To Participate?
Yes... $22

YOU Will get OVER $175 worth of Tools to get Started: You
get a Done-for-You 12 Day Meal Plan, A Goal Setting
Worksheet, A Nutrition Log and Step by Step plan on how to
implement everything and Weekly Email Coaching

Crucial steps to success in your 2k10 You vs. Me Body Transformation Challenge:

Register now for the 2k10 You vs. Me Body Transformation Challengee. The registration
process only takes a minute, but the changes you'll see after your 12-week transformation will
last a lifetime. Once you've registered, you'll be emailed the official Challenge Entry Form

1. Take your "Before" photos and post on our Blog

2. Start your transformation — Follow our exercises and nutrition recommendations for best
results. You can also CHEAT a little. You can but our 10 day Detox program, You can join Our
Boot Camp, You can buy our 28 Day Fat Blasting Meal Plan, and even though you are
competing against can hire me to coach you One-on-One.

Take your "During" photos and post on our Blog

Record your inner transformation

Send in your packet! — We must receive your completed Official Entry Form within 7 days of
the end date of your 2k10 You vs. Me Body Transformation Challenge

Keep up the great work — Look what will get done in 12 weeks! Enjoy your progress, but
continue on with your new healthy lifestyle.
You vs. Me Body
Transformation Contest