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South Florida Fitness Boot Camps
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Are you looking for a fun, motivating way to lose weight, look better, and feel great? One
that doesn't require Long, boring gym workouts?

Wouldn't it feel great to go to the next family gathering or office party in that little dress
or those pants that you love, but don't have a chance of squeezing into today?

Maybe you'd like to be able to take your shirt off at the beach again.

Wouldn't you love to have everyone talking about how much weight you've lost, instead of
whispering about how much weight you've gained?

Well, here is your chance.

(David Kennedy Park, The Grove)
Monday-Wednesday and Fridays
At 6:15am..and 7:00am
(Flamingo Park, Miami  Beach)
Monday-Wednesday and Fridays
At 6:15am

(Highland Oaks Park)
Monday- Wednesday- Friday
At 11:15am

(Brian Picollo Park)
Monday-Wednesday and Thursday
At 6:30pm

(Royal Oaks Park)
Monday- Wednesday- Thursday
At 7:45pm

3 Times Per Week for 4 Weeks!!!

What is a Bootcamp?

Good question, and I'll get to that in a minute.

First, let me tell you what it's

This is NOT some choreographed aerobics class in a big mirrored room.

This is NOT a class where you spend more time trying to stay in rhythm with the
instructor than you do challenging yourself.

This is NOT a class where you will be worrying that everyone will see you if you mess up,
miss a step, or can't keep up.

This is NOT like long, boring gym routines where you use complicated machines or spend
hours on a treadmill, and then end up wondering why you don't see any results.

This will be a fun, challenging, small-group fitness class that takes place three times a
week. Believe me, this isn't your mother's 1980's step aerobics class. This is a high
intensity Bootcamp that will challenge your entire body, blasting away body fat and
building lean muscle in the process.

Burning Fat, Building Muscle

This high energy class will have participants performing different exercise stations,
challenging all of the major muscle groups of your upper and lower body, while giving
your heart and lungs a workout like they have never had.

Unlike the gym, in our Bootcamps you won't see any of the big, complicated exercise
machines that just work one muscle group at a time. When it comes to losing weight and
getting in shape, a machine-based gym workout is about the most inefficient way you can
go. And the same goes for those long, boring cardio sessions on the treadmill, bike, or
elliptical machine.

Of course, the gym will never tell you that.

In our Bootcamps, we'll be doing full body movements with things like medicine balls,
stability balls, ropes, sandbags, resistance bands and dumbbells.

Each participant will be performing a different exercise for a set amount of time, then
taking a brief rest. At the end of the rest, everyone will move over one station, and
perform a different exercise until the next rest period.

Perform all 5-7 of the exercises and you will have completed one circuit, and each class
will consist of 2 rounds with three circuits. The next round will have 5-7 new exercises.

So Does That Mean...?

Okay, I know what you're thinking, but trust me, this ain't "Curves". This is a fun,
challenging way to exercise with a small group of people just like you, that will get you to
use your body the way it was meant to be used, not the way some machine forces you to
use it.

You'll burn fat, build muscle, improve your health, and get stronger. This is your
opportunity to get fit, under my personal guidance, for a fraction of what individual
Personal Training sessions would cost.

Real Work Means Real Results

Now, just because I said it's fun, that doesn't mean you won't work hard.
In fact, I haven't had a client yet who can say they've worked out harder or gotten better
results on their own.

WAIT: Tell me something.

Do you want to look better?

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to lose fat and develop muscle?

Do you want to have more energy?

Would you like all of that without having to go to a crowded, noisy gym filled with a
hundred or so people you don't know?

Then you should sign up for this
Bootcamp (and don't wait, as space is extremely

Not only is this
Bootcamp effective, but it will be fun! You will have no chance of getting
bored with this routine, as it will change workout to workout and week to week! But don't
worry, one thing that won't change is that it will always be fun, and it will always be

At the end of 2 Rounds, I guarantee that you will agree this is one of the most fun,
intense, and effective workouts you have ever had. If you don't agree, simply tell me after
the first class and I'll gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

JANUARY 2nd 2009

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