Again, only 45 people can attend. I urge you to register right now.
And keep in mind that there are several people who will
automatically register for this class as soon as they get this email, so
if you want in, tell me NOW.
(Our Last E-Class Sold Out)

Note: Course will begin Monday, March 17th, 2008. You MUST
register by March 16th, 2008 to be included in this e-class.

Remember, this is all done by e-mail, so you can receive and reply to
the lessons at your convenience. I don't plan to offer this program
again this year, so I urge you to sign up right NOW.

Each week I will e-mail out 2 articles by me on that week's lesson.
You can then reply to the article, by e-mail, and give me questions
unique to you and your body and your life. I will then answer them,
giving you specific ways you can apply the lesson to your life. In this
way you will not only get the lessons, but you'll get my personal
e-coaching, as well. We'll do all of this by e-mail, simplifying the
process for both of us.

Obviously, some of your questions may be more weight-loss oriented
than muscle building oriented. No problem. I'm also willing to
review any food combinations, recipes, or meal options you may
write to me about during this six week e-class.

How much will this cost? If you paid my hourly rate for personal
instruction over a six week period, you would have to pay several
thousand dollars and maybe more.

But for this exclusive, limited new e-class, the fee is only $247. You
can pay by credit card or check. It would of course make a great
investment for the rest of your life (for the new year coming and
beyond!), a great gift to yourself (an early Christmas gift to you!),
and it's probably tax deductible (check with your CPA). All in all, it's
a small investment for such a life-changing, body-altering new
experience that will help you create whatever "new you" you can

Is the course guaranteed? You bet. Sign up now. If you're not happy
after the first lesson, tell me and you can have ALL of your money

Will the principles work for you? It's up to you. I'm giving you the
tools---hammer, nails, etc.. Whether you build a dog house or a
castle is your choice. I say THINK BIG.

Isn't it time? Isn't your Body worth it? Aren't YOU?

If you have questions, e-mail me at .
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