Metabolism Makeover
Imagine What Your Body Will Look Like With A New Metabolism
"Stop Messing Around with the 'Next Big Diet' When
You Can Cash-in On the Simplest, Easiest and Probably
the Most Overlooked Way to Speed Up Your Metabolism
Day After Day And Week After Week... Without Looking
For A New Diet Plan"

Fact: It's Easier to Make your Metabolism go Lightning Fast Eating
Food You Like than Switching from One Diet to the Next  . The
Difference? With Yo-Yo Dieting you lose weight and gain it back, with
the Metabolism Makeover You lose it for LIFE. Here's Where You
Learn Exactly How...
"Could It Really Be Possible That The
QUICKEST Way To Steadily Lose 2 or
Even 3-Pounds of Fat Per Week Is Also
The EASIEST And Simplest To Follow?"

I'm very proud to announce my new
"Metabolism Makeover"
From: Rafael Moret

Date: September 6th, 2007

Dear Friend,

In my new book you'll discover the life changing secrets that everyday people have used to
quickly and easily create the body the have alway dreamt about!

I've started teaching this method for weight loss to hundreds of people using this new method
of coaching.

It seems bizarre, but when you explain the truth to people and they follow our system results
just come.

The whole idea is to eat the pounds away.

You don't need to go anywhere, you don't need to make any weird sacrifices. You get the
entire program via email.

Now I would like to help you experience this state of bliss.
"Overweight since age 13, Lisa attempted many diets, but
nothing worked. Then she tried the Metabolism Makeover and
finally lost the weight. Now her focus is on keeping it off!"
In this new program you'll learn:

Why starving yourself is making you fat!

Simple strategies designed to KEEP the weight OFF forever!

The keys to eating the foods you love and still lose weight!

Foods you must eat to keep your energy levels high all day!

The tried and true method to flat and sexy abs!
Here Is What We Cover In This 6 Week Coaching Program

  • Establishing a Starting Point
  • Record keeping and Portion Sizes

  • Your Supportive Nutrition Plan
  • Meal Management Strategies

  • Super Charge Your Nutrition Plan
  • Re-Assessment

  • Food Labels 101
  • Healthy Fast Foods

  • Master Your Motivation
  • Plateau Busters

  • Conquer Self Sabotage
  • New Beginnings

Now are you able to transform the way you look without leaving your home
and reading a book?

....Is that it????


There has to be accountability
So Here Is What Else You Get
$522 in Bonuses

A Personal Commitment Contract...$50

A Fitness Questionnaire...$47

An Evidence Tracker...$27

A Goal Tracker...$47

A Food Journal...$45

Metabolism Makeover Handbook...$70

The Five Factors of Fat Loss...$27

Two 30 minute phone consultations...$209
So How Does It Work?
Each week you will cover 2 lessons

You will have homework from that lesson

You will be required to keep a food journal

You will also keep an exercise journal

AND you will be required to report on all this information
Is This Program Right For You?
This program is for the people who are looking to completely revamp there
If you have tried a diet before and it didn't work this is for you. If
you tried to diet, lost weight and then gained it back this is for you. If you have
never tried anything before and are looking to lose a few pounds the right way,
this is for you.

If you are open to the idea of being coached and getting REAL Results...this
program is for you.

If you are SERIOUS about changing the way you look, this program is for you.

If you want a Life Changing Makeover...this is for you.

How Much Is All This Going To Cost You?
If you added up all of the information in this program it would run over $3,750

The great thing is that the investment for the twelve Metabolism Makeover  
Coaching E-book, during this six week program, is only $37
. I've done everything I can
to make this affordable.
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